Morning zaryadka
As I participated in the morning exercises on the parade ground The internal exercises on the parade ground, what could be better for a soldier. Everyone dreams about it and…

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Physical activity - School health goldfish
"Health need four conditions: physical activity, limited in the diet (poor appetite), hardening, and the ability to relax." so said M. M. Amosov in a recent interview. And further: "Nature…

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Sneakers for cycle
In our fitnes club We offer a variety of programs cycle training, depending on the difficulty level. The training is carried out with considerable physical load, so there are a…

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Sports wear for Jogging

The mas of girls and women doing morning or evening jogs to maintain its shape. Indeed, the sport not only heals the body but also gives it beauty. In particular, Jogging can be called an analog of the diet, but the esence of this article is not about that.

For your run, we put on a special suit that does not restrict our movement. Empirically, we select the outfit that suits us just for sports, but even in this case some problems arise. So, I will tell you what clothes you should not wear on a run.

First of all, you need to start with underwear. All sorts of sexy panties, thongs, not relevant here, as it will bring a lot of trouble during the

run. Besides, they are extremely uncomfortable, not to mention the fact that it isn’t designed for sports activities. Wear quite familiar lingerie, best seamles so that the seams do not RUB the skin, because your body will sweat. Also, don’t forget that your Breasts must be supported by a bra or halter top, and latching, whatever size it may be. This will help to avoid various injuries when swinging while running.

Mike also needs to be without seams. The seams of clothes for Jogging will be in any case to irritate the skin. You probably noticed that in places of contact of joints with the skin often there is a rash, rednes, and other irritation that is noticeable to the naked eye.

Now we will talk about socks. Cotton socks that allow the feet to breathe, and tend to absorb moisture and long to dry. In the proces of run, these socks will RUB your feet until the appearance of blisters. It is best to use synthetic socks that must be dried immediately after running.

As for shoes, it is a separate subject, so how to choose a quality running shoes is very difficult. Pay attention not only to how they sit on you, but which have sole. The soles of sneakers for Jogging should not be too soft, but not too tight. The best option – slightly springy rubber sole. Top sneakers can be both synthetic and natural, but in any case they need to be dried out whenever you finish your run. It is best to choose shoes with laces, not Velcro.

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