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Nordic walking Forum Khabarovsk parents of Hamama
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Width 80 cm Height 105 cm The weight of the flywheel 30 kg Weight 101 kg Maximum user weight 136 kg The world's only dynamic cycle simulator effectively simulates Cycling,…

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Three days before the Triathlon! Plaza is preparing to take the toughest competition for the strong spirit of men and

April 25 at 11:00 at the Club at the Plaza kicks off the spring championship triathlon, which will be attended by the most active, hardy, persistent and dedicated people “magis-Sports”. At the moment, claimed 25 participants, but there is every reason to believe that closer to Saturday the number of athletes will increase significantly, and the competition will be real, without discounts and concesions.

Men, women and juniors are preparing for a competition, someone, like, for example, Artem Semerikov, began to prepare much in advance to increase your chances of winning and to start to form. Participants will undergo three

distances: rowing machine “Concept2”, cycle, treadmill. The dimensions of the distances differ for certain categories of athletes.

The load is chosen so that each could (theoretically) go the distance to the final, without harm for health. However, this does not mean that the competition is simple – on the contrary, these distances will require a maximum effort and will. In the championship are planning to participate and the members of the Club with a take-off, and this fact also adds intrigue to the rivalry!

Nikita Ermolov, curator of the Triathlon:

This year to participate in the triathlon will be a lot of juniors, boys 12-14 years began active preparation, and rightly so – an inexperienced person it is better not to go the distance. So my advice to all participants: 2-3 days be sure to go along with his trainer all distances, to estimate preliminary result and to understand the load. And, of course, frequent endurance training, the correct formulation of the technology running on the track and work with a rowing machine is also required. The easiest stage in triathlon is considered to be a cycle, but we should not sit on this piece, because you can lose precious minutes and seconds, and if they’re not enough to win – it would be very annoying!

And generally encourage all with benefits and have fun, to test their limits, to feel the same incredible lifting strength and spirit after the finish of the triathlon. Suppose you come to support your friends, it is very important for motivation. Believe me, the finish line in a triathlon is really unforgettable feeling! They have to try.

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