Morning zaryadka
As I participated in the morning exercises on the parade ground The internal exercises on the parade ground, what could be better for a soldier. Everyone dreams about it and…

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Cycle to lose weight
In General, Cycle to lose weight - everyone should know about this. But usually vinagreta diet goes on "hurrah moreover, those who have not tried it, even give some advice.…

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How to lose weight on a treadmill - menu, reviews, results, advantages, disadvantages, contraindications
To lose weight, practicing walking on a treadmill, exercise must be regular. One-time visits desired outcome will bring. In order to achieve the desired effect, it is necesary to study…

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Morning exercises

Despite all the advantages of morning physical activity. sometimes it is very difficult to force yourself to do the exercises. In this case you need an extra incentive. As an excellent motivator can serve as research scientists who proved that in the morning all the exercises are designed to correct weight. work most effectively. It is not an incentive for those who want to acquire and maintain a slim figure?

Charge usually includes exercises for all muscle groups and takes not much time – only 10-20 minutes depending on the selected complex. Charging is best done outdoors, but well ventilated room is also quite suitable. Clothes for the morning exercise should be comfortable and not constricting movement, Shoe – size and without heels. The house, of course, is quite

suitable socks, or you can do barefoot.

Any physical exercise you should begin with a warm up, each exercise is performed for 4-10 times. It is best to gradually work out all muscle groups, starting at the top. Knead the neck muscles by tilting your head left and right, forward and backward. If you prefer a deeper stretch, fix the position of the head in the slope for 5-8 seconds.

Stretch the muscles of the arms and back. To do this, make rotational movements of the arms forward and backward with your feet shoulder width apart. Clasp your hands together in the castle, pull them forward, up, rotate your upper body without moving your hips in different directions.

Make a few bends to the sides in order to engage the obliques, bend back and forth, stretch the back muscles and hamstring. Do some lunges, alternately changing the supporting leg. After this warm-up you can proceed to more active exercises.

Do some exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles. enjoy a walk or Jogging in place. Your task is not to exhaust your body first thing in the morning, and give him an energy boost. The best end of the morning exercises will be water treatments, ideally affusion or contrast showers. Can be limited and simple rinsing of the body with cool water. And then a good mood for the whole day you provided.

Sports wear for Jogging
The mas of girls and women doing morning or evening jogs to maintain its shape. Indeed, the sport not only heals the body but also gives it beauty. In particular,…


Morning exercises for weight los
As you know, our club offers spacious gym and aerobics. But Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Boil the milk (or a mixture of milk and water),…